Toastmasters Leadership Institute

Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI)

The TLI is responsible to provide training for the club officers so that they can perform well and carry out their responsibilities as Club Executive Officers (EXCOs)
The presentation trainings are in inline with programs by World Headquarters. The trainings will help the newly elected club excos can expand skill sets as a
communicator and leader with additional educational sessions. TLI is always ensure the Toastmasters International Mission is met

TLI Team

District 102 TLI vision

  • Proper training to boost proper performance.
  • Enhance the image of Toastmasters to new members through the club exco.
  • Raised awareness & quality of club meetings.
  • Opportunities for toastmasters to discuss & exchange ideas.

What TLI will offer

  • Club officer Training 1
  • Club officer Training 2
  • Moment of Truth
  • Leadership Workshops

Who can attend club officer training

  • Club Executive Commitee 

Who can attend leadership workshops

  • All members

Upcoming TLI and Club Officer Training Events

Now it’s time to get ready for the second half. To get going strong, the District 102 Toastmasters Leadership Institute is ready to train. Save these dates for all the divisions’ COT 2

There are currently no events.

Frequent Asked Question (FAQ)

Each Club officer must complete 4 hours of training ( 4 modules) so that the attendance is credited as part of DCP

Session 1: Roles and Responsibility
Session 2: Moment of Truth
Session 3: TBC
Session 4: Session with Division Director

If you hold different officer roles in the same club or in different clubs, then you need to attend additional training.

Club officers with multiple exco roles in different clubs need to attend session 1 of the particular EXCO

Attendance of session 1 will be considered for the roles that you have attended

Member A is a president of Club A & Secretary of Club B – Attend president session & Secretary session 1 hour each ( Can attend in different COT of other Division)

Member B is a president of Club C & Secretary of Club C Attend president session & Secretary session 1 hour each ( Can attend in different COT of other Division)

Member C is a president of Club E & Secretary of Club E- Attend president session once

YES ! You still need to attend the training as part of the DCP pre-requisite. You might get different ideas & different perceptions during the training session. Also, you can give your valuable inputs during the training session to other new excos.

To get credit for the club’s DCP (Distinguished Club Program), only 4 officers need to be trained.
we encourage all 7 officers to attend and together can uplift the quality of the club.

When all 7 officers attend COT 1, the club will qualify for the Super 7 campaign.

Your Area Director is be in touch with you