Pathway Enrollment

Tips for Logging in to Pathways Base Camp

Whether you’re new to Toastmasters or renewing again after many years of membership, we want you to understand the many uses of Pathways. The first step to unparalleled online learning is logging in to the Pathways hub via BaseCamp.

1. Go to Toastmasters International website

2. Click Pathways in menu

From there select the Pathways drop down menu, ­select  “Choose a path.” This will lead you to a login page—your gateway to accessing Base Camp and selecting your path.

Note: If you are first time login, click on the “First time logging in?”. Enter your registered Email ID and you will receive a email to set up your password.

3. Click Continue to Path Selection

If you are selecting your first path, two tiles will appear after you log in (Figure 1); click the “Continue to Path Selection” button in the first tile.

4. Choose Base Camp for digital experience or Printed Material for learning materials based on your preference.

The next page will have two options for accessing learning materials (Figure 2). The left is for the full digital experience through Base Camp, which is the recommended option for Pathways.

5. Click "Take Your Assessment" to start your journey!

Click the “Take Your Assessment” button under the Base Camp option, and a new window will appear. Select your language of preference and complete your personal Pathways Assessment.