Short Video Result Announcement

Congratulations to the winners:

Kuching Mandarin Toastmasters Club – Chung Lee Sing (District 87)

Excellent aspects:

The content was simple yet straightforward, the stark contrast also brings out the motivational and inspirational connotations of the club. As a result, we were all influenced by the desire to be part of the club.
The visual representations were diverse, interesting and impactful. The sound effects, supplemented with nice voices, gave it an uplifting vibe. Less shots were used but were made up with seamless editing. Great overall flow. The overall video is steadily aesthetic.

Suggestions for Improvement:
Adjust video theme colors to be more compliant to Toastmasters brand colors. There is black space to the sides of the poster, shrinking the size of the frame or adding custom designs to the sides will help overcome this. The Toastmasters International logo is a little obscure, it is recommended to add a row of texts to better represent Kuching Mandarin Toastmasters Club, this may also allow viewers to directly contact the club.

Second Place
UTM Toastmasters Club – Creator: Nur Athirah Farhana binti Omar Zai (District 102)

Excellent aspects:

Content engages everyone through different perspectives of various individuals. The coherent sequencing throughout the video is an excellent example of formal meeting documentation and flow.
The theme clearly represents the club’s sense of access. The images, voice and music are very well arranged. The Toastmasters’ elements and brand colors are distinct. The vocals are nicely complimented by the background music. Inspirational and engaging rhythmic music harmonizes well with the vocals.
The members’ sharing of personal experiences subtly highlight the club’s purpose and strength.
The interview montage has excellent editing with great transitions and great timing. The diverse ethnicity representation can encourage members of different ethnicities to join, and the compilation of members at the end feels very lively to watch. More encouragement to join the club. The overall visual communication message of the video is strong. The performance from form to substance is in line with the core values of Toastmasters. Special effects are simple yet elegant. The video is simple and not flashy, low-key and connotative. Exactly the values of Toastmasters!

Suggestions for Improvement:
There is no contact information, so interested parties won’t know how to get in touch, the pure blue screen background is a bit monotonous, perhaps a low opacity Toastmasters logo can be used to compliment the background, adding subtitles will also improve video effects. A consistent virtual background for the collage scene can also be added. The overall content can include more empathy. It would be more convincing if some members’ stage performance is shown after the members’ sharing.

Although not award-winning but some excellent works can also be studied for reference

1. Extraordinary Advanced Online Mandarin Toastmasters Club – Creator:叶晔君(District 102)

Excellent aspects:

This video has very classy content with the professionalism of a promotional corporate video. The music and visual effects are great.
Suggestions: If the main characters of the video encourage enrolment on the basis of cultural inheritance, then the video would not feel too much like a corporate launch.

2. SP Elite Mandarin Toastmasters Club-Creator:郑国庆(District 51)

Excellent aspects:

The use of fragmentary sound effects, picture montage, and music build-up gives the video a strong emotional vibe that smoothly leads to the climax.
Suggestions: Tighter and more focused content would have allowed for a lingering finale that would have left a lasting impression. The special effects and colour tone could be improved to enhance the overall video.

3. UTM Toastmasters Club-Creator:Athirah Zulkarnain(District 102)

Excellent aspects:

This video has a clear theme with extensive scenes and appropriate special effects. The members’ sharing of their reasons for joining Toastmasters align perfectly with the values of Toastmasters.
Suggestions: The relationship between audio and video could be more coherent. The volume of background music could be adjusted so that it does not interfere with the vocals; this would enable the main theme to be more clearly presented. The content could also be simplified to enhance precision and pacing.

4. UTM Toastmasters Club-Creator:Yap Zhen Shyong(District 102)

Excellent aspects:

This video’s visual presentation is dynamic and interesting, with the diverse representation of various cultures and ethnicities an encouragement for people of different backgrounds to join Toastmasters. The outdoor scenes also highlight the unique characteristics of the club.
Suggestions: The lack of contact information may put off potential members as they would not know know who to contact for further information. Some scenes would benefit from background visuals to maintain consistency, and the addition of subtitles would enhance, and increase the reach of, the video.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to the judges (District 118 - Yuan Yue, District 102 - Ang Soon Li, District 85 - Scholar WuKong) for their dedication and comments. Thank you all for your participation.