Social Media Campaign

Ask a Toastmaster

Since its first official meeting on 22 October 1924, Toastmasters International has brought positive impacts to over 300,000 members all over the world. How has Toastmasters changed your life? From 1st to 31st March 2022, tell us all about it and spread the positivity over on the digital side!

 Here’s how you can do just that and win limited edition one-of-a-kind District 102 merchandise;

  1. Share a personal story of “How has Toastmasters changed your life?“, together with a relevant photo. The photo can be of a group of Toastmasters, any Toastmasters event you joined, any achievement in Toastmasters, or any other Toastmasters-related photo. You can use any of the languages to share your story; English, Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia and Tamil.

  2. Craft your best and most inspiring social media post of between 150 to 300 words and post it on one or more of these three platforms; Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The more platforms you use, the higher your chances of winning! Don’t forget to use the following hashtags in your post;
    #YourDivisionName (e.g.; #DivisionA)
    #YourClubName (e.g.; #FamosaToastmastersClub)
  1. Make your personal social media account “public”. Then, make sure that the post is “public” and “tag” the official Toastmasters International District 102 social media account to increase the visibility of your post.

  2. Keep the ball rolling and spread the positivity! In your social media post, ‘tag’ another Toastmaster and invite him/her to share his/her personal story.
    e.g.; @Rashmi Raghav How has Toastmasters changed your life?


– All participants must pay Toastmasters Membership Renewal (April -September 2022) in order to stand a chance to win limited edition one-of-a-kind District 102 merchandise.


The best story from each language category, and three of the most inspiring stories (stories that receive the highest numbers of ‘reactions’, ‘comments’ and ‘shares’) will be selected by our panel of reviewers. Winners will be announced on 7th April 2022.

Tell us your stories and together, let’s inspire more people to join this amazing community. For more information, get in touch with Organizing Chair; Wong Kai Ying, EC5 (019-681 8988).

如何赢得限量版 102 区域商品?

  1. 分享“Toastmasters 如何改变了您的生活?”的个人故事和相关照片。照片可以是一组 Toastmasters、您参加的任何 Toastmasters 活动、Toastmasters 的任何成就或任何其他 Toastmasters 相关照片。您可以使用任何一种语言来分享您的故事:英语、华语、马来语和泰米尔语。

  2. 制作 150 到 300 字最鼓舞人心的社交媒体帖子,并将其发布在Facebook、Instagram 和 LinkedIn这三个社交平台中的一个或多个平台上 。您使用的平台越多,获胜的机会就越高!不要忘记在您的帖子中使用以下主题标签;
    #YourDivisionName (例如; #DivisionA)
    #YourClubName (例如; #FamosaToastmastersClub)
  1. 将您的帐户资料设为“公开”和“标记/@”官方 102 区域社交媒体帐户,以提高您帖子的知名度。

  2. 让球不断滚动把它继续下去并传播积极性!在您的社交媒体帖子中,“标记/@”另一位 Toastmaster 并邀请他/她分享他/她的个人故事。
    例如; @Rashmi Raghav Toastmasters 如何改变了你的生活?


– 所有参与者必须支付 Toastmasters 会员续费(2022 年 4 月至 2022 年 9 月),才有机会赢取 102 区域独一无二的限量版商品

每个语言类别的三个最佳及最鼓舞人心的故事(收到最多“反应”、“评论”和“分享”的故事)将由我们的评审小组选出。获奖者将于 2022 年 4 月 7 日公布。


欲了解更多信息,请联系组织主席;黄凱螢,EC5 (019-681 8988)。